Hall Hire

Procedure for MML Hall Hire

All hirers are requested to complete the Hall Hire Request form online.

General Terms & Conditions

  • The duration of the hire will be calculated from door entry in the hall (before setup) to exit from the door (after all clearing up). Total duration will be rounded-off to the next hour. For example, if door entry is at 13:15 hours and exit at 17:30 hours, the total time for hiring purposes will be calculated as 5 hours (actual time is 4 hours 15 minutes rounded-off to 5 hours).
  • Hall hire included use of the main hall and toilet facilities.
  • Hall to be left in a neat and clean condition after hire. Additional cleaning charges may apply if hall is not handed back in a satisfactory condition.
  • Hall hire bookings will be taken for minimum 3 hours.

Charges for members

  • £60 plus VAT per hour – Monday 9am to Friday 3pm
  • £70 plus VAT per hour – Friday 3pm to Saturday 11pm

Charges for non-members

  • £70 plus VAT per hour – Monday 9am to Friday 3pm
  • £80 plus VAT per hour – Friday 3pm to Saturday 11pm

Additional information

  • Hire deposit is £100 to reserve the booking
  • Full outstanding payment is required one week before hall hire date
  • All payments should be made via Bank Transfer (we will provide details after receiving your hall hire request form).
  • Additional charges would apply for hiring stage, audio-visual equipment and/or use of kitchen (please request at the time of booking).
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT at a standard rate.
  • An affiliate discount on the above prices may be considered solely at MML Board of Trustee’s discretion.

Contact: [email protected]

Download Memorandum of An Agreement of Terms for Hire here.


Hall Hire Request Form

Other Requirements

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We will then contact you regarding availability and requirements for your booking.

Bookings will only be confirmed upon acceptance of our terms & conditions, completion of a Booking Form and payment of the appropriate fees.

When you agree to hire the hall and pay booking deposit you also agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions