Ganeshotsav 2019

From 2nd to 12th September 2019

Namaskar and welcome to the Maharashtra Mandal London Ganeshotsav Programme.

The full 11 days schedule can be found below along with some additional information. We are still in the planning stage of our programme so information will be updated from time to time on our website. For further information please email


We urgently require volunteers before, during and after the 11 days of the Ganesh programme to:

  • Decorate the hall
  • Manage the catering
  • Manage queues
  • Assist with tidying up prior to and at the end of each programme
  • Maintaining cleanliness of hall and washrooms.
  • Assist in the kitchen and with the serving of food

Your assistance would be very much appreciated by Maharashtra Mandal London to enable us to provide a professional, smooth running programme of events. If you would like to provide your support, please complete the form at

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before completing the form. The Ganesh Utsav team will strive to contact you within 5 working days of the receipt of your form. Thank you in advance for your support.


  • Shall be allowed to perform Ganesh puja as an individual or with partner. Details will be provided once we have finalised the arrangements.
  • Shall be given first preference for Ganesh Visarjan coach booking.

Shree Ganesh Darshan

  • Ganapati Bappa darshan is available for everyone (even non Maharashtrians). All welcome.
  • First come first serve basis would be followed for Ganapati Bappa darshan. Exceptional cases such as disabled people and parents carrying babies (age < 1) would be given preference.
  • Tremendous numbers of devotees are expected to arrive for Ganapati Bappa darshan so queue management will be operated by Volunteers and reviewed accordingly.
  • Please co-operate with our volunteers. We need to follow strict Health and Safety rules due to the number of devotees. We will always try to be fair towards all devotees. But we request you to consider and appreciate the pressure we are all under to ensure everyone’s safety during this period.
  • Please take prasad and try to sit in the Marque outside to allow other devotees to get their turn for Ganapati Bappa darshan. This will help us to keep the queue moving and prevent the Mandal Hall from becoming overly crowded


If a child below the age of 12 is interested in showcasing their talent for dance, singing, playing an instrument, respectful comedy or a short play, then please get in touch with us at  sending a short video of the act. We would be honoured to showcase every child’s talents, but we have limited space so we would look to select a variety of performances. Parents should register their child’s performance as soon as possible at and provide a short video of their child’s talent (parents must be Members).

Ganesh Puja & Prasad

  • Only members can perform Pooja with our respected MML Guruji’s
  • Every day Ganesh Pooja will start promptly at the advertised time stated in the programme below
  • According to our tradition, if you wish to perform the Ganesh Pooja please do not wear any black clothing.

Programme Schedule

Please check our website regularly for updates to the programme. 

Day 1: Mon 2nd Sep

Praan Pratishthapana Pooja, Arati, Prasad (Light Snack)

Day 2-4: 3rd, 4th & 5th Sep

Ganesh Darshan

Shree Ganesh Pooja
Aarti, Prasad

Event / Performance (TBC)

Day 5: 6th Sep

Ganesh Darshan 

Shree Ganesh Pooja
Aarti, Prasad

(RSVP at

DAY 6: 6th Sep

Baal Darbaar – Our flagship event to showcase the young talent within our community

(60 mins) RSVP at

Parents must be MML members

Shree Ganesh Prasad 

Clay modelling workshop (Ganesh murti)

Age: 6years+ (90 mins)


Shree Ganesh Pooja
Aarti, Prasad

Grand Maharashtrian Culture Showcase.

Visiting VIP’s. Full list to be announced on our website nearer the time.

Day 7: 8th Sep

Atharvashirsha Sahastravartan, darshan and Maha-prasad (NO RSVP required to attend).

Shree Ganesh Pooja, Aarti and Prasad

Day 8-10: 9th to 11th Sep

Ganesh Darshan

Shree Ganesh Pooja
Arati, Prasad

Event / Performance

DAY 11: Thu 12th Sep

Ganesh Darshan

Enjoy the grand Miravnook around our Mandal along with MML Dhol Beats UK – our Dhol Tasha Pathak

MML Coach departs for River Thames (Richmond area – details TBC) to perform Ganesh Visarjan. Coach seats MUST BE pre-booked – £10 per person (no discounts).

Coach returns to Mandal. Please note: There will be no stops on route to or from Chiswick, so please do not request the coach be stopped for your convenience

Please email, to book your place on the MML Visarjan Coach.  We anticipate that coach places will fill up quickly – so book early to avoid disappointment!

Visarjan Notice – Apologies but we are NOT permitted to perform Visarjan of any other Ganesh Murti’s other than the Mandal’s Murti. Special permission has been granted for this. Please do not bring your own Ganesh Murti’s. Thank you.

Also, we make a polite request to please look after your children and belongings around the River Thames in order to avoid any incidents.

Parking Notice – parking in the MML car park is for disabled badge holders only. Please do not park there without a disable badge

We reserve the right to make changes to the Ganeshotsav programme.