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    Posted by demo user on 21 Jul 2012

    'Kaksparsha' presents a realistic tale

    Film maker Mahesh Manjrekar's latest Marathi film 'Kakasparsha' takes you into pre independence era, to narrate the tale of Haridada (Sachin Khedekar) and his family living in a village in Konkan, Maharashtra. Those were the days, when girls used to get married even before attaining puberty. Haridada gets his younger brother Mahadeo (Abhijit Kelkar) married to one such girl Durga (Ketaki Mategaonkar) approved by his associate Balwant (Sanjay Khapre) who is also close to girl's family.
    Sachin Khedekar, Priya Berde Durga turns Uma after marriage, on entering the disciplined house of Haridada, whom she respects a lot, besides liking him for his behavior and personality. When Mahadeo passes away at young age, while studying his law; the responsibility of Uma lies on the shoulders of Haridada and his family. Uma mixes up well with Haridada's wife and children of Haridada and takes care of them, as she grows up with them.

    As per the rituals in Brahmin family, Uma is supposed to shave off her head; after her husband's death; but Haridada opposes to the demand of the Priests from village headed by Upadhyay (Vaibhav Mangale). When Haridada's wife passes away, everybody expects him to marry Uma ( Priya Bapat, who plays the grown up Uma) and Uma too is willing for the same. But, Haridada refuses to do so; as he is committed to his promise given to soul of the departed, during the rituals observed on the 10th day after Mahadeo's death.

    A time comes when Haridada stops talking to Uma and that hurts her. She stops eating. Everybody including Haridada's elder sister, Haridada's married children and younger sister all fail to persuade her. Finally, Haridada confesses the truth to Uma, stating as to why he kept himself away from her, though over protected her. He even agrees to marry her, breaking all his promises, only with the hope that she would give up her fast. But, the director tries to be realistic and ends the film, the way he wished to respect the original script of Usha Datar on the screenplay of Girish Joshi.

    Shot on the backdrop of Konkan, Mahesh Manjrekar has perfectly selected the locations, including the traditional ancestral house, to create the atmosphere of the pre- independence era. Very cleverly, he has inserted the character of Balwant, who is also shown as a freedom fighter. The character of Upadhyay played by Vaibhav Mangale clearly suggests the dominance of orthodox Brahmins those days.

    From beginning till the end, the film sticks to its subject, without any diversions and that makes the presentation more realistic. 'Kakasparsha' is the film for sensible film viewers. Fine performances from Sachin Khedekar, Sanjay Khapre, Ketaki Mategaonkar, Vaibhav Mangle, Priya Bapat, Abhijit Kelkar, Saksham Kulkarni and others, makes it more impressive. Music and background music have been handled well and so is the wonderful cinematography capturing all those natural moments.

    Actor Sachin Khedkar deserves all the praise for his memorable performance through that lifetime role of Haridada. He gets a good support from all other artistes. Prominent among them are Sanjay Khapre and Vaibhav Mangle who have invited special attention.

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    Posted by demo user on 15 Jul 2012

    पहिला पाऊस ... पहिली आठवण
    पहिलं घरटं ... पहिलं अंगण
    पहिली माती ... पहिला गंध
    पहिलं आभाळ ... पहिलं रान
    पहिल्या झोळीत ... पहिलच पान
    पहिले तळहाथ ... पहिलं प्रेम
    पहिल्या सरीचा ... पहिलाच थेंब
    पहिला पाऊस ... पहिलीच आठवण
    पहिल्या घराचं ... पहिलच अंगण  ....

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    Posted by demo user on 12 Jul 2012

    कलाक्षेत्रातील परंपरा


    Maharashtra Historical Coins

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    Posted by demo user on 03 Jul 2012


    Maharashtrian Food and Recipes

    Maharashtrian Recipes

    पाककला (Maharashtrian, Recipes, Marathi Food, Marathi Cuisine) म्हणजे चविष्ट, रुचकर आणि पोषक भोजन बनवण्याची कला अथवा शास्त्र. भारतात प्रत्येक प्रांतात विविध तऱ्हेचे पाककलेचे आविष्कार पहायला मिळतात. निरामिष (शाकाहारी, vegetarian) व सामिष (मांसाहारी, non-vegetarian) या दोन्ही प्रकारचे पदार्थ भारतातील प्रत्येक प्रांतात चवीने खाल्ले जातात.

    महाराष्ट्रात(Maharashtrian Recipes) सुद्धा कोकण, देश, विदर्भ, मराठवाडा इत्यादि भागांप्रमाणे वेगळ्या पाकशैली आणि वेगवेगळे पदार्थ पहायला मिळतात. प्रत्येक भागात वापरले जाणारे विशिष्ट जिन्नस, तिखट-गोड चवींबद्दलची आवड निवड यातील बदल याचा त्या भागातील पाककलेवर परिणाम झालेला आहे.

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    Posted by demo user on 01 Jul 2012

    हिंदु घर

    नुसत्या भिंती नकोत, म्हणजे भिंती तर असाव्यातच, पण अधिक काहीतरी असावे, भिंतीची आवश्यकता का ? तर ऊन, वारा, पाऊस, थंडी यांपासून संरक्षण मिळावे.

    नारायण नागबली

    श्रीमन्नारायणादि पंचदेवतांना उद्देशून अतिश्रद्धेने दिलेले समंत्रक ओ विधीयुक्त असे जे अन्नोदक द्रव्यादी त्यास नारायणबली असे म्हणतात.


    प्रत्येक माणासाला जीवनात सुख समाधान आणि शांती प्राप्त व्हावी म्हणून देवपूजा(Devpuja) हे एक उत्तम साधन आहे.

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    Posted by demo user on 01 Jan 2012

      Ajintha marathi movie film

     अजिंठा मराठी मूवी फिल्म


    Ajintha marathi movie film sonalee kulkani
    अजिंठा मराठी मूवी फिल्म सोनाली कुलकानि

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